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Modern drones are being used for spotting sharks along the beaches, fighting fires, tracking wounded people in distress, minding herds of sheep and even delivering small packages like pizza. Possibilities are as wide as human comprehension; even beyond in some cases.

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Drones are the most important marketing enhancement in the real estate industry since the internet. In today’s dynamic real estate business, the use of dramatic camera drone photography & video tours is enabling

the real estate agents to sell property like hot dogs. Drones are the flagship of the next generation of tools that can make it easier to sell a home. Exterior home inspections can now be performed with a drone, creating more dramatic and compelling images, more interesting virtual tours, highlighting more property features, generating more business, saving inspection time and energy.


Drones may prove useful for several types of inspections without wasting resources on heavy lifting equipment to remote locations and putting human lives at risk. For instance, Oil companies can use drones to inspect pipelines

in remote areas; Wind energy engineers can perform inspections on wind turbines and turbine props. A drone can capture high-definition video of every crack, column and crevice on a bridge, which is far more exhaustive and detailed than what a human might be able to achieve – and the list goes on.


Farmers are able to handle soil hydration by measuring soil water content using drones. By doing this, farmers are able to detect drainage and irrigation related issues. Drones are also helping farmers to monitor crops in remote fields.

Crop wrecking bugs can be traced, and hyper accurate pesticide applications can be administered as and where required. Using the GPS technology, drones can also be used to take livestock out to pasture and keep the herd together.


Drones have been used to track borders and warzone activities in the past. The same technology can be used to monitor educational institutions by identifying abnormal activity within the campus area and report potential threats

to the law enforcement agencies and the school administration. Using the drone technology for providing escort to high profile individuals or deploying a 24/7 drone surveillance within a designated boundary can help reduce incidents.


Search and rescue drones are used by police, firefighters, volunteer rescue teams and other emergency services to search over large ranges for missing people and crime victims in need of rescue. Drones can also provide

real-time visual data and the aftermath of an earthquake or hurricane. Drones can be equipped with infrared sensors to locate humans in remote areas by their heat signatures. Once spotted, a live video could be streamed to the control center for visual identification along with GPS coordinates to enable rescue personnel to accurately locate the distressed and send in aerial support for rescue.


Land surveying is an expensive job. It does not always consider weather conditions, physical fatigue or the amount of commute required to complete the job. Site surveying can be done more accurately and in less time using drones.

Drones can be instructed to fly over hundreds of acres of land, take pictures, make videos and relay them back in real-time. They can also map elevation changes with LIDAR and other sensors, locate water, water flow patterns and detect minerals and resources. All this can be achieved in a fraction of time through automated drone technology.

Evolution of Unmanded Ariel Vehicles

Drone is not a weapon or a toy; it’s an advanced data capturing device to assist with your business.

Targeted application of supplies helps optimizing resources; saves time, money and effort while increasing the bottom-line.

Drone is a product capable of analytical and data modeling acumen, ready to solve a specific problem.

Drone “as-a-service” can dramatically reduce the time and cost to perform a task; enabling your business to yield the most value.

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